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這是我第一次在國外待這麼長的時間,雖然在 CPILS了僅僅一個月,但是收穫很多,一開始因為斯巴達式課程,整個人非常不習慣,滿滿的課程幾乎沒有喘氣的空間,第一個禮拜天天都很疲累,不過第二週就慢慢習慣了,而因為老師與同學都是來自不同國家的人,所以只能全英文對話,讓我的口說能力與發音有明顯的進步!
尤其是 Writing 的老師:Darren,他非常不厭其煩地糾正我每一句錯誤的文法,讓我的寫作能力提升了不少。
還有來自台灣的經理 Jerry,人也很好,剛來到這裡有些不習慣或不適應的事情,請他幫忙都能得 到很好的回覆,是一位很盡責的經理。

週末的放假時間,因為 CPILS位於市區,交通便利,計程車為他們主要的交通工具,價錢也比台灣便宜許多。大多數的學生在週末還有另一項活動,那就是跳島,大部份的同學都會選擇去跳島,我也不例外,第一週去了 Oslob 看鯨鯊,那是我第一次與那個巨大的動物一起游泳,真的很驚人,讓我到現在都還忘不了,第二週去 Camotes 體驗跳懸崖,這也是我第一次嘗試這麼刺激的活動,我也一樣永遠都忘不了這次的經驗,第三週去了 Nalusuwan 和資生堂島,第三週的活動就 是比較靜態,純粹看風景,在沙灘上享受。

This is my first time to stay in a foreign country for a long time. Although I stayed in CPILS for only a month, I’ve got a lot of wonderful memories. Since I studied Sparta course, I felt tired on my first week, but eventually felt better the next.
Because my classmates and teachers are foreigners, I speak English most of the time. Thus, my speaking and pronunciation have improved obviously, especially my writing teacher Darren— she checked every sentence I made and so my writing skill has progressed significantly.
Taiwanese student manager Jerry who comes from Taiwan is very kind. Whenever we have any questions, he responds in a friendly manner and addresses our concerns immediately. He is a very responsible manager.

On the weekends, students usually take a tour around Cebu City, which is much cheaper than that in Taiwan. Besides, CPILS is located in the downtown area, so we can go anywhere within few minutes. Another activity most students, including me, plan to do every weekend is island hopping. On my first weekend, I went to Oslob to watch whale-sharks. It was my first time to swim with these enormous animals, a memory still vivid in my mind. The next weekend, I went cliff-diving in Camotes, an activity which I have never tried before. I will never forget these new experiences. On my last weekend, I went to the islands of Nalusuan and Caohagan. The activities there were less active than those mentioned above — we just enjoyed the views and the beach.
If given enough time, I want to study in CPILS again not only for studying but also to understand the culture of Cebu comprehensively.






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